High Pressure


High pressure fans are usually lower volume and are often used in combustion air applications such as furnaces or burners, to provide “blow-off” air for clearing and/or drying applications, and system pressurization. Illinois Blower also provides high pressure blowers (up to 125” WG) for wet scrubber exhaust, cooling, combustion air, fluidized beds, glass cooling, light dust material handling, and pneumatic conveying.

Design Considerations

High pressure blowers often run at very high tip speeds, often in high temperature and/or gas tight conditions. These conditions require engineering expertise and very high manufacturing tolerances to maintain fan performance and reliability. Illinois Blower offers high pressure fans from 20” WG up to 125” WG, coupled with a variety of additional customizations to fit the needs of the application.

Partial Customer List for High Pressure Blowers: UOP, GE, Saudi Aramco, Hitachi, Shell, Dow Chemical, Owens-Illinois, Megtec, Petrobras, Valero, Fluor Daniel, Technip LTD, Parsons Internationa, Lurgi

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